Better Late, than Never….?

Sissy and me in the sea!

Hi again, everyone!

It has been FAR too long since I’ve posted. My excuse is that I took a 3 week trip to Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and finally, Denver for New Year’s. But still, as I said, that is just an excuse, as I have been back for most of the month of January……The beginning of the New Year can be like that. You create all these plans, resolutions and ideas in the hopes of the “new you”, while losing track of others. My resolutions have been waiting for me in my journal, where I wrote them down, listening to the waves before my return to America –feeling ready and motivated for what was to come.

Me on a tree by the sea!
Fishermen’s boats at sunrise
Monk’s robes hanging out to dry.

Well, as I am sure many others have experienced (although I hope you’ve all been going strong with yours!), I let them fall by the wayside a little. While I have thought back to my resolutions, I have not been actively weaving them into my daily intentions. I hear many people say New Year’s resolutions are silly, just because those ‘resolving’ usually end up vowing to work out, or go on a diet, and eventually the excitement that was so strong at the beginning of the year fizzles out in a few months. They say just because it is a certain time of year does not mean people are any less likely to make lasting changes. Maybe these people are right–it isn’t the time of year or the most ambitious of resolutions that make the changes. It is all up to you. It can be done at any time of year, and as many times as the sun rises and sets, until it sticks.

Gorgeous sunset in the Maldives.

My measurable resolutions are to:

1. Practice more yoga (at LEAST 3 group classes a week).

2. Find a new job and stick with it.

3. Enroll back into school.

My less measurable resolutions, that I find equally important, and would like to be reminded of everyday are to:

1. Listen more, react less.

2. Take more risks.

3. Be kinder and more loving to myself, and all others in my thoughts, words and actions.

To remind myself of these, I have chosen to create a pretty and inspirational reminder that I will look at everyday on my mirror, with the intention of making sure these resolutions are not forgotten again, hidden away in past pages of my journal.

Decorative resolution reminder, it really helps to have something to look at everyday!

Now, onto food. Health is very important to me, but balancing this out with pleasure and a little indulgence is important to me as well. And when my body wants ice cream, my body wants ice cream. So, since I have a little making up to do, I offer this recipe as my form of an apology. If it can even be called a recipe. What it definitely can be described as is unexpected, simple, amazing, and addictive (this will be my 2nd time having a variation of it this week. Sometimes a girl needs her sweets!) There are 4 components: gelato, fruit, olive oil, sea salt. For my little sundae today I chose chocolate gelato (I used a local Phoenix brand, Angelo’s),  strawberries, and this Himalayan sea salt. You can go a different route on yours, using a non-dairy ice cream, frozen yogurt, peaches, blueberries, nuts, fresh herbs, flavored olive oils…..the choice is yours! The only thing I ask of you is to make sure to use quality ingredients in this creation–good olive oil and good sea salt are a must!

A bowl of yum, excuse the bad photography…..

Its hard to put my finger on why exactly this is so good. The sea salt adds contrast to the sweetness of the ice cream and fruit, which only enhances them more. The olive oil lends it’s richness and smoothness, and blends together unbelievably well with the creamy gelato. I think it would go equally as well with many other flavors, so get creative!

 The next flavor combination I plan to try is vanilla bean ice cream, lavender infused olive oil, raw organic wildflower honey, and basil. Let me know in the comments what your variations were/will be, or if you enjoyed mine!

Serves 1

1 or 2 scoops gelato

1/4 C chopped strawberries

1 Tbsp olive oil

sea salt to taste

Throw em’ all in a bowl and go to town!