Hi, I’m Jessica. I have somewhat recently discovered a serious passion for getting down in the kitchen. I am a pescetarian, and I value using whole, nutrient-rich foods whenever possible so my recipes will reflect that. I do indulge often, and I will never sacrifice flavor, so my posts will also reflect that! My cooking depends on my mood, so you can expect variety ranging from ethnic dishes to comforting desserts and everything in between. Really, I just want to make myself feel good from the inside out, be conscious of what I am putting into my body, and enjoy every bite of it. Here’s to hoping you do too :).

If you’re reading this, I am so glad you’ve found my page, whether for just one recipe or to follow me on my life and kitchen journeys!

In case you are wondering where the title comes from, here is the explanation. Moon Pie is a nickname my mom gave me as a child, because of my round, moon-shaped face; “rising” speaks to this blog’s focus on my path upward to health and happiness. I hope to not only document my own growth, but also inspire others to explore their passions and follow their hearts!


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